In April of 2019, former Governor Cuomo signed into law sweeping reforms on New York’s bail system — changes that have the potential to be among the most disastrous legislative bills in the history of New York State.

On Day One, Andrew plans to end bail reform and bring back law and order to New York.

Cashless bail has wrought havoc on streets across all of New York State. There are testimonial cases by police officers of arresting someone breaking the law, only to see them walk free before the officer even finishes their paperwork.

Evidence of this has been seen by New Yorkers since bail reform took effect with crime peaking throughout all our cities. The national media focuses exclusively on New York City, where shootings have doubled since 2019, but this is not exclusive to the Big Apple. Buffalo’s violent crime rate now ranks in the top 15% of mid-sized cities. Crime has nearly doubled in Albany, and more than doubled in Syracuse. Finally, although Chicago holds a reputation for being one of the deadliest U.S cities,  this year, Rochester is on pace to overtake the Windy City in violent crimes per capita.

Andrew will take on Albany to make sure that violent criminals that are prone to recidivism don’t walk free to plague New Yorker’s lives without paying their debt to society. Andrew believes that this is not primarily about punishment but accountability to the law. It is one of his priorities to pursue more ways to rehabilitate habitual offenders to break the cycle found in the criminal justice system. To this end, Andrew believes that judges should again have discretion in determining whether an offender is likely to commit another violent crime when determining whether they are eligible for bail.

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