New York State is on the precipice of a financial crisis. A lack of responsibility by a spending-frenzied state legislature along with four consecutive governors who lacked fiscal discipline has impoverished New York.

Among Andrew’s top priorities as governor is to ignite the Empire State’s economy by slashing the cost of doing business so that business owners, small and large, have a chance to thrive in a free market.

Andrew believes in the extraordinary ability of New Yorkers to independently succeed and fervently opposes government overreach in the economy. The people of New York have been burdened by past policies that presumed the solution was higher taxes and progressive social spending.

As a result, a mass exodus has begun which is costing New Yorkers jobs and a vibrant state economy. New York lost over 300,000 people last year, a trend that Andrew will promptly turn around as governor. 

The rising cost of essentials like food and gas is crippling small businesses and burying the economy. In addition to historic tax cuts, Andrew will on Day One remove economy-stifling policies like the Covid-19 mandates that force willing New Yorkers out of the workforce at a time when inflation is rampant and the post-pandemic economy is slow to improve.

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