When the world was under siege by the unknown Covid-19 virus, the United States turned to its essential workers to keep the nation going. Since then,  these heroes of the pandemic have felt the imposition of the government to make decisions against their will or face the consequences. As a result, those who did not comply with Covid-19 mandates despite their heroism during the pandemic were forcibly put on unpaid leave, fired, and discarded.

Andrew stands behind a New Yorker’s right to decide and will fight for every worker who was fired due to Covid mandates. He wants to repay the fired heroes of the Covid pandemic by reinstating them with back pay. 

No New Yorker should be forced to choose between a vaccine and their education, career, or religion. Protecting the people of New York from such treatment, including unmasking our children, returning parent choice, and following the science is a priority for Andrew.

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