Over the past year, we have seen a massive increase in anti-police protests. While Andrew disagrees with the underlying sentiment at the root of these movements, he believes in fiercely protecting the First Amendment rights of every New Yorker.  Andrew differentiates protesting peacefully from the looting, riotous behavior that has become all too common in recent months.

When protests spill out into traffic, emergency response times slow, threatening taxpayers who not only fund but depend on these services for their safety. Andrew strongly believes that chaos in the streets should not be encouraged or tolerated and offenders should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Doing so will facilitate safer communities and order, not chaos.

Adding resources to stop subway and train crime on Day One is a goal of Andrew’s considering that as governor, he would have majority control of the MTA Board. Fixing the chaotic state of the subways, resolving the growing epidemic of homelessness, and addressing crime in the streets will create a safer environment for all New Yorkers. With a refocus on broken-windows policing, a Giuliani administration will vastly improve the quality of life for the 19.5 million New Yorkers.

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