A tenet to any functioning democracy is faith and trust in the voting process. Andrew Giuliani wants New York to have the most credible and secure elections in the country.

New Yorkers should be confident that their voices are heard and that their vote matters. In order to accomplish this, he will vehemently fight for Voter ID to protect election integrity so New York voices receive the representation they deserve.   

Andrew will stand for securing New York elections at every level of government and hold those who perpetrate fraud and criminal activity accountable. This includes past elected officials who implemented anti-election integrity policies that make it more difficult to hold fair and secure elections.

Andrew will fight to ensure that a citizen’s right to vote is protected the way the Constitution demands and that it isn’t devalued by ineligible voters. Undermining such a key pillar of American democracy is unacceptable and Andrew will be vigilant in his defense of New Yorker’s fundamental liberty to free and fair elections.

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