Andrew believes that the economy runs best when the workers have the freedom to operate without cumbersome government regulations, red tape, and intervention. 

New York’s State Legislature recently passed a historically high budget of $220 BILLION up from $212 BILLION and yet it has and continues to be squandered by past and current state leadership. 

To compare, economically flourishing Florida has a budget of $97 billion serving only one million more people than New York, making it clear that New York must do better! New Yorkers work hard and mismanagement of their money by the government raises skepticism that the people are receiving the public services they pay a premium for. 

Andrew believes impeding economic expansion through overregulation, high taxes, and inflated social programs is not the right solution to rejuvenating New York’s economy. Families of hard-working New Yorkers shouldn’t be limited in their economic output and aspirations by those elected to serve them.

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