Governor Andrew Giuliani would be a staunch protector of every New York child in the education system who each has a right to be informed, not indoctrinated. Recently, many of the changes in the curriculum aim not to teach a thorough account of history, but a politicized version of the truth.

A Giuliani administration will strongly support education over indoctrination. Andrew will work to expand one of the successes of the New York public school system, the “Gifted & Talented” program, which has come under assault by Mayor de Blasio and the School’s Chancellor.

Both seem to believe that establishing equity by lowering the standards and reducing equal opportunity is the effective path to better schools. Andrew, along with most New York parents, knows this is blatantly false.

Whether it’s branded as Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), identity politics and its subsequent propaganda, divides our children and focuses on their ancestry, a practice that has no place in our schools.

Every New Yorker needs to learn the full history, good and bad, of New York, the United States, and the world without the corrupting fruit of ideology and activism. 

This goes for progressive sex education and gender theories as well, which serve to confuse and indoctrinate our children at a young and impressionable age. 

Instead of eliminating the gifted and talented programs to push ideology, Andrew will work to expand programs that work and allow more of our students to excel. In keeping with the belief that no child is the same, Andrew opposes Common Core. Any one-size-fits-all education system devised by bureaucrats and administrators will never adequately educate each unique student.

While Andrew attended Catholic schools throughout elementary and high school, one of the things that made an impression on the importance of education was the Cool Schools Initiative. Created by his Mom while she was First Lady of New York, Cool Schools used private funding to award two of the best performing New York City public schools each month.

Incentivizing competence and results instead of funding based on a non-merit system is the solution to the decaying quality of education in New York. It’s time for parents to take back control and join Andrew in spearheading the movement back to the basics, which includes strong and accessible STEM programs.     

Under Governor Giuliani, New York children will receive an education without the woke ideology that has infiltrated our schools. This is how every New York child will reach their full potential as students, citizens, and individuals. Andrew wants OUR students to lead the world in education, not fall to the bottom percentile.

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