Andrew’s plan for bettering New York education hinges on holding the teacher’s unions accountable for failing schools. Teacher’s unions have shown now more than ever that their primary concern is protecting the jobs of their members, not the success of the students they’ve pledged to educate. 

New York is carving over 20% of its budget, nearly $44 BILLION on education in its 2022 budget. Andrew will reduce the inflated budget that has gone to facilitate partisan support in our elections while delivering inadequate results and instead utlize a more responsible budget that focuses on education resources and programs. 

If teacher unions are not vested in the success of their students, and most government officials are too afraid to take them on because they are afraid to lose their jobs, then the only way to fight back against these failed policies is to give parents more autonomy in the choice of their child’s education. Andrew believes that principals and teachers should be accountable to parents, not to bureaucrats! 

And despite a push by the national teachers union, New York students should never be subject to Covid-19 vaccine and mask mandates.

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