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Key Issues - Historical Tax Cut

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY HISTORIC TAX CUT New York State is on the precipice of a financial crisis. A lack of responsibility by a spending-frenzied state legislature along with four consecutive governors who lacked fiscal discipline has impoverished New York. Among Andrew’s top priorities as governor is to ignite the Empire State’s economy by slashing …

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Key Issues - STOP CRT

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY STOP CRT Governor Andrew Giuliani would be a staunch protector of every New York child in the education system who each has a right to be informed, not indoctrinated. Recently, many of the changes in the curriculum aim not to teach a thorough account of history, but a politicized version of …

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Key Issues - Parental Choice

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY PARENTAL CHOICE Moms and dads who care about their children’s education are being ignored and worse, being called domestic terrorists by the Biden administration. To make parents the primary stakeholders in their children’s education, Governor Giuliani will double the number of charter schools statewide. Charter schools are a wonderful example of …

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Key Issues - Voter ID Now

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY VOTER ID NOW Voter ID is a strong mechanism that has been shown to strengthen the security of elections. In addition to this, Andrew Giuliani intends to eliminate the use of unreliable and unsecured voting machines that are susceptible to tampering and attacks through the internet. Election integrity is essential to …

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Key Issues - Secure Elections

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY SECURE ELECTIONS A tenet to any functioning democracy is faith and trust in the voting process. Andrew Giuliani wants New York to have the most credible and secure elections in the country. New Yorkers should be confident that their voices are heard and that their vote matters. In order to accomplish …

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Key Issues - Rehire Fired Heroes

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY REHIRE FIRED HEROES When the world was under siege by the unknown Covid-19 virus, the United States turned to its essential workers to keep the nation going. Since then,  these heroes of the pandemic have felt the imposition of the government to make decisions against their will or face the consequences. …

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Key Issues - End All COVID Mandates

SAVE NEW YORK POLICY END ALL COVID MANDATES Lifting ALL draconian Covid-19 mandates is essential to facilitating the revitalization of New York’s economy and its reputation as a paradigm for liberty. Andrew Giuliani firmly believes that coercive Covid-19 measures intrude on the personal choice of each New Yorker.  Authoritarian Covid policies and mandates from Albany …

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